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At Utah Relocations we guide and assist employees in settling in or transferring out of Utah. 

We assist your company employees in taking care of their real estate needs as they transition in or out of Utah. This is a customized and personal service that is catered to fit the needs of your company and your talent. We work efficiently and educate buyers and sellers using informative videos, beneficial resources and one on one connection to help them with the moving flow. We understand the importance of taking care of your most valuable employees as we guide them through each step of the relocation process. Other benefits are included in the Corporate relocation service. Please click the blue button below to learn more




Utah Relocations takes care of your employees relocation needs whether moving in or out of Utah. We are an extension of your company in making sure your top talent are well taken care of as they embark on their move and get settled down.

We know relocating can be stressful and we are here to take out all the guess work. We offer top customer care and peace of mind so you have a happy and ready to work employee.


Complimenting your HR Department

Our relocation company complients your HR department and relieves you of the added burden of situating your employee.

We only appoint top level experienced Realtors to help your employees buy or sell a home so you can rest assured they are getting the best service.


When your employee uses our approved buying and selling agents to buy or sell their home, your employee will receive up to $2000 cash back!

This is free money that your employee can use toward anything they like. It’s the perfect gift to give to your workers and relieves some of the financial strain and stress of moving.

We only offer this cashback rebate to our corporate clients to say thank you for using us.


Please contact either Vicky or Anna for full details.

If selling, this is based on 6% listing agent commission
If buying, this is based on a 3% buyer agent commission

Services & Benefits

Home Buying Services

Our experienced buyer agents give you service with a personal touch. They listen very carefully to your needs and desires and go to work sourcing out the perfect home. They will guide you through each step of the buying process and assist you with negotiation and how to avoid potential issues. They will keep you in check for important dates and buyer obligations. They can also recommend highly reputable services such as home inspectors,  lenders and title companies to complete the sale successfully.

Home Buyers Rebate

Yes! As a buyer you get between $600 & $2000 cash back. When you buy your home through one of our approved buyer agents you’ll receive cashback at the time your new home records. Cashback amount is based on a 3% Buyer Agent commission offered on the MLS and the sales price of the home.

Home Selling Services

Our home selling specialists are expert in the field of marketing, negotation and selling homes. All homes for sale with us get professional photography and an aggressive and impressive digial marketing campaign. Well staged executive homes over $800,000 receive a high quality video home tour (at no added cost) to fully showcase all the special features of their home. We know how to attract the maximum amount of buyers within a short space of time.

Home Sellers Rebate

This is the frosting on the cake. We offer homeowners that list and sell with an approved Realtor from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Momentum a rebate between $600 to $2000 at recording. This offer is available for residential property. The size of the rebate depends on the sale value. Listing agreement is based on a 6% commission fee.

Company Benefits

We have more to offer but some things are best discussed in person. Contact us to learn how we can benefit your company to build a bright culture among work colleagues. We support businesses and their effort to engage and build company morale, making the workplace an enjoyable and rewarding one.  Attracting the right talent to your business just got more attractive! Happy home, happy work, happy life.


Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves at a quick in-person meeting. Then, we would love to provide lunch for your employees, for a casual get to know you, and answer any questions your talent may have. See form below or simply call.



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