Here are some great tips that will help your move go smoothly. Follow this helpful guideline so you remember important items and when to do them.

6 – 8 Weeks Out
  • Create folder for moving documents
  • Obtain mover estimates & insurance
  • Collect legal & financial records
  • Compile medical & dental records
  • Take photos of each room including valuables & serial numbers
  • Decide what can be put into storage
  • Arrange for storage
  • Talk to a Realtor about getting your home on the market or check lease documents
  • Pick a move date
  • Make travel arrangements & book temporary housing
  • Create a moving budget
  • Begin using foods you don’t want to move
  • Diagnose any repairs home repairs
4 – 5 Weeks out
  • If you are renting give notice to your landlord
  • Confirm movers
  • Cancel or update any subscriptions and memberships
  • Update Amazon with new address
  • Collect packing supplies
  • Declutter
  • Begin packing infrequently used items
  • Donate, dump, giveaway or sell items you dont want
  • Host a garage sale, list items on KSL & Facebook marketplace
  • Move packed items into storage
  • Complete home repairs
  • Arrange Doctor checkup & collect prescriptions
  • Arrange pet veterinarian checkup
  • Service vehicles
  • Confirm temporary housing
  • Arrange car shipping
  • Request time off work
1 – 2 Weeks Out
  • Confirm travel arrangements
  • Complete mail forwarding with USPS
  • Notify family, friends & neccessary companies
  • Identify important items that will go with you in a suitecase during the move
  • Complete packing boxes
  • Empty or discard old vacuum bags before packing
  • Empty water & liquids from humidifyers, freezers etc. before packing
  • Arrange child & pet care on moving day
  • Cancel or transfer untilities
  • Pay any outstanding bills, tickets etc
  • Decide what to do with plants
  • Forward medical & school records
  • Update bank account & credit card addresses
  • Gather all warranty & manuals that you’ll leave for the next home owner
  • Finish last minute errands
  • Clean house
  • Pack kitchenware & essentials to go on moving truck last
  • Remove trash & recyling
Days Out
  • Finalize suitcase & essentials you will travel with
  • Double check passport & important documents
  • Notify neighbors about your move so they are aware of extra vehicles being parked
Moving Day
  • Water bottles & snacks on-hand
  • Have paper towels, cleaning supplies & trash bags handy
  • Keep track of how things are packed onto truck making sure essentials come off first
  • Have a first aid kit available